About us

About Haxon Life Sciences

Haxon Life Sciences (HLS) is a Site Management Organization (SMO) Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and Pharmaceutical & / or Biotechnology company with extensive site management services. 


The sole aim of HLS is to promote the timeline and cost-effectiveness of the successful outcome of all clinical trials.




Core Values

  • We ensure research subjects are fully apprised of all the risks & benefits arising in and out of the study.
  • We strictly adhere to the principles governing the privacy and confidentiality of the research subjects.
  • We ensure the research is conducted only by competent and qualified persons who act with total integrity and impartiality.
  • We conduct the research in a fair, honest, objective and transparent manner after full disclosures are made of each aspect of their interest in the research by all those associated with the study.
  • We provide services in a most cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish ourselves as India's trail-blazer Site Management Contract Research Organization by weaving a network of highly qualified and experienced clinical researchers and healthcare professionals with demonstrated expertise in conducting clinical trials, and to maintain the highest standards of quality, time-sensitivity, unwavering commitment to excellence, and uncompromising compliance with the statutory regulations in initiating, conducting, controlling and comprehensively managing the Clinical operations.

Pioneering Innovation

Our mission is driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation. We strive to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, exploring new ideas, technologies, and approaches to drug discovery and development. Through pioneering research and development efforts, we aim to unlock new treatment modalities and therapeutic targets that have the potential to revolutionize patient care.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Central to our mission is the goal of improving patient outcomes and enhancing quality of life. We are committed to developing therapies that not only treat diseases but also provide meaningful benefits to patients, whether by offering more effective treatments, reducing side effects, or improving convenience and accessibility. We prioritize patient-centricity in everything we do, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of patients are at the forefront of our decision-making processes.

Scientific Excellence

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of scientific excellence in all aspects of our work. Our team of experienced researchers, clinicians, and drug development professionals collaborate closely to conduct rigorous scientific research, adhere to stringent quality standards, and uphold the principles of integrity and transparency. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, we strive to achieve excellence in every endeavor and deliver impactful results that advance the field of healthcare.

Ethical Conduct

Integrity and ethical conduct are fundamental to our mission. We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of our business, adhering to the highest ethical standards and regulatory requirements. We prioritize patient safety and welfare above all else, ensuring that our research and development activities are conducted responsibly and ethically, with the utmost respect for human dignity and rights.

Global Reach

We are committed to making a positive impact on global health by bringing our innovative medicines to patients in need worldwide. Through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and a global distribution network, we aim to ensure that our life-saving treatments reach those who can benefit from them, regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status. By expanding access to healthcare solutions, we seek to address healthcare disparities and contribute to the advancement of global health equity.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We recognize that collaboration is essential to achieving our mission. We actively seek partnerships and collaborations with leading academic institutions, research organizations, healthcare providers, and industry partners to leverage collective expertise, resources, and insights in our pursuit of breakthrough innovation and global health impact. By working together with like-minded partners, we can accelerate the pace of discovery, development, and delivery of innovative healthcare solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients worldwide.

Clean and modern SMO's

we are shaping the future of healthcare and transforming lives for the better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to charter new frontiers of medical and pharmaceutical science and technology by excelling in providing true-blue professional services in the realm of clinical research site management.

Our Expertise

  • Haxon Life Sciences has an exceptionally qualified staff of about 25+ with clinical trial experience in managing Phase trials in a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.
  • We have the scientific and clinical expertise to take a trial from concept to completion, as well as combine all of the functional areas of a CRO to conduct Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV clinical trials.
  • Our experience gained through global exposure to clinical studies allows us to understand clinical study requisites and objectives. This knowledge and experience enable us to guide clients to formalize an optimal development plan and strategy that will shorten trial time and produce uncompromised data and results. We have access to highly skilled sites and provide site-specific guidance and support. The highly motivated team supports upbeat Ethics Committee management, patient recruitment and patient retention. Thus, enabling the investigators to dedicate time to focus on the patients, and ensure that the study is conducted in the highest standards of quality, ethics and performance. This support ensures the collection of high-quality study data necessary for regulatory and product approval submissions.
  • Haxon Life Sciences is an assurance for in-depth pre-study planning, most appropriate and nearly accurate feasibility data, most favorable patient recruitment rate, transparency in communication between sites and all parties involved.