Data Management

Haxon specializes in offering data management services specifically designed for clinical trials. The proficient team at Haxon customizes solutions to match the individual requirements of each study, guaranteeing the efficient and effective collection and administration of data. They leverage cutting-edge technology to uphold data integrity, and their team possesses extensive expertise in handling diverse data formats. Prioritizing both patient safety and the accuracy of data, we are dedicated to supporting the attainment of successful results.

Types of Key aspects of Data Management & Biostatistics

  • Database Design, Development And Maintenance.
  • Data Cleaning And Query Management
  • Medical Coding (WHO-DD And MedDRA)
  • Selection of Parametric and Non-parametric Statistical Test.
  • Data Distribution and Data Trend Analysis
  • Statistical Error Analysis and its Mitigation Strategy
  • Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) Designing
  • Table and Listing
  • Statistical Interpretation Summary
  • Full Statistical Analysis Report
  • Study metrics and tracking
  • Database finalization and extraction
  • Data consolidation, migration and conversion